Santa Monica Addiction Treatment

addiction treatment santa monica
Our facility for Addiction Treatment in Santa Monica is professionally staffed and is located in the heart of California’s largest community of sober adults.  Recovery is a journey with many ups and downs, challenges and heartbreaks. We know that our clients and their loved one’s have been struggling for years and that substantive change and sustained recovery doesn’t happen overnight.
To achieve long term results, Thrive takes a multidisciplinary approach to addiction treatment which includes individual and group therapy, addiction medicine and psychiatry.
We take special care in understanding the nature of our clients’ problems and work hard to address these issues throughout their time at Thrive. Through our process, clients will be challenged to identify and change the negative behaviors that drive their addiction.
Thrive also takes a hands-on approach to recovery outside of treatment. When appropriate, Thrive collaborates closely with sober living homes, important family members, and outside support systems to maintain transparency and ensure that clients are working on their ability to communicate openly and honestly in their sobriety.
Our mission at Thrive is to help clients establish healthy behaviors and relationships that bring lasting sobriety and inner happiness.

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