Addiction Treatment Services


Addiction recovery has no specific path. Each individual is shaped by their physiology and experiences. A full spectrum of mental health and addiction treatment is offered by Thrive Treatment with facilities in California. We tailor our broad addiction recovery plans to match the unique needs of every client and strengths to ensure a permanent recovery. The process is begun by putting clients in supervised Residential and Detox programs as well as inpatient treatment to ensure a healthy and safe recovery. Upon completion, each client is placed in a customized treatment program which has a wide variety of addiction treatment services and various levels of care.
Levels of Care at Thrive Treatment
Various levels of care are provided by Thrive Treatment with respect to the needs of the client ranging from Detox to Outpatient Treatment. We offer and treat the following in the various levels of our addiction treatment services:
Kratom addiction
Spice addiction treatment
Alcoholism rehab
Crystal meth addiction
Benzodiazepine addiction
Heroin addiction treatment
Prescription drug addiction
Cocaine addiction rehab
Xanax addiction
Valium addiction
Ecstasy addiction treatment
Vyvanse addiction
Marijuana addiction
Salvia addiction
Opiate addiction treatment
Oxycontin addiction treatment

The levels of addiction treatment services we offer are as follows:
Intensive Outpatient
A treatment program which is dynamic as it gives room for clients to progress at their own pace in treatment and having full access to therapy, counseling and psychiatric services at the same time.
Clients stay in a modern and calm pavilion and get into a comprehensive clinical program which has the latest in addiction and evidence-based care.
Outpatient Services
Clients are connected to their passions via Morningside’s academic and vocational services. Each client will be aided by dedicated staff in mock interviews, resume building and others.
Supervised detox is the beginning phase of overcoming drug and alcohol addiction as it reduces withdrawal symptoms and leaves your body to start healing.
Addiction Treatment Services at The Last House
Unique rehab is offered by The Last House with personalized treatment programs, with the following modalities included.
Twelve Step
Access to options regarding the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is provided to clients. Being around for 80 years, AA has helped millions of persons all over the globe to overcome addiction.
Patients are able to identify their negative behaviors and thought patterns with the help of this. More constructive ways to deal with emotions will be learned and developed by the patients so as to make their recovery successful.
It takes a broader examination of a patients overall spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health. They are encouraged by this to grow in ways that they wouldn’t with traditional means of therapy.
Subconscious issues which the clients face will be identified and addressed through experiences like role-playing, imagery and other outdoor activities.
LGBTQ Recovery
The LGBT community has addiction as a rising problem. People are able to find hope and move on with the help of The Last House’s inclusive treatment model.

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