Mental Health

Labels and mental health diagnoses can be either freeing in their ability to make sense of complex feelings and symptoms, or restrictive, as each tends to come with it’s own special stigma. At Thrive, our clinical team is trained to assess and diagnose a wide range of mental health issues and curious enough to look beyond them. Is the Oppositional Defiant Disorder or ADHD diagnosed in adolescence really a result of complex trauma? Is the substance use an answer to an underlying chronic depression long ago dismissed and unaddressed? At Thrive we take the time to get to know each individual, their stories and help to create a new purpose; not to fight against mental illness but to strive for mental well-being.
We treat each individual with the understanding that behaviors and emotions experienced in substance use can mimic many of the symptoms used to diagnose major mental health disorders. With that in mind, we create a strong foundation of support and understanding both in therapeutic relationships with clinicians as well as among peers. We hope to foster acceptance and empathy among those with a wide range of symptoms and diagnoses; with that goal in mind, we provide psycho-education on the mental health topics listed below to all of our clients. Through education and proximity, our clients begin to develop empathy for others and find acceptance and understanding for themselves.

anxiety disorders
anxiety disorders
Trauma and Stress
trauma and stress treatment
mood disorders
mood disorders treatment
Eating Disorders
eating disorders treatment
Neurodevelopmental disorders treatment
Personality Disorders
personality disorders treatment

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