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The west coast was where  Rehab Aftercare Sober Living were initially set up with the aim of providing a drug and alcohol-free environment for persons in early recovery. Individuals in early recovery are given the chance by sober livings and rehab aftercare to participate in academic and occupational programs while being supported and aided by other residents in the house.

Sober livings offered services to an older population of men and women when they were first established. Men and women used them as a safe place to live communally and work together at the same time with a 12 step program. There was no addiction treatment for young adults and teens at the time. Till date, a lot of sober living homes take in adult men and women of different ages and rarely separate them into age groups.


It is advisable for an individual to go to an aftercare facility after completing a primary treatment program like drug rehab. A sober living environment which is complementary to the early treatment received by the individual which helps them in progressing in their personal recovery is an aftercare. The services and level of structure provided by sober living homes vary, therefore it is essential that the needs of the individual should be met and addressed in the aftercare center which the individual has to transition to. The continued support offered by drug rehab aftercare sober living centers is essential in continued recovery and growth; though a primary treatment program may have been successfully completed by an individual, it is shown that persons who get into an aftercare facility have higher success.


This initial philosophy of sober living is shared and expanded on by New Life House by encouraging structured sober livings which provide a daily schedule and at the same time include a recovery and support system which is peer-based. The individual may connect better with a support system good for him/her by taking part in a recovery community.

An individual’s interactions with their peers motivate them to take advice and listen to their peer group whom they associate with. Experiences are shared amongst peers and they support each other thereby getting rid of the ability for actions and behaviors to go without being noticed in the sober living environment.

Together with peer support, the structure of The Last House is geared towards the separated age groups living healthily. We extend the structure beyond the normal daily schedule because we work with every member of the house during their recovery process. We are with the members of our house every step of the way to living successfully. We make our house members learn how to live meaningful and successful lives on their way to recovery by giving them the life skills needed to succeed.

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