sober living drug testing and insurance


The bottom line is that insurance is not accepted by sober livings. But at times your insurance information may be requested to take care of the cost of a service like drug testing. In order to know ways to stop paying more than is expected and to know why this not clear, read more.

Insurance is not accepted by Sober Livings

Finding a sober living which accepts outright insurance is impossible because they are not able to be given contracts with insurance companies. Even though few work together with outpatient rehabs or several treatment facilities so as to reduce costs, the brass tacks of the cost of residing in sober living have to be paid privately.

Being aware of such facilities is important because they don’t have the same structure or qualified staff as independent sober livings, and in the final analysis, your safety and recovery or that of your loved one are in jeopardy.

Charging Insurance for Drug Testing: The Thin Line

It should be made known that when they carry out drug testing in a sober living environment, it is not done just for the individual’s safety but for the safety of the whole community. In case the sober living is performing a good job, drug testing has to be conducted only when they suspect using, rather than it being a routine.

The problem is that your insurance may be charged by various programs for such testing because when they send out tests to a lab, it makes the process expensive. This could be a sign that something is wrong, so beware. If the resident has not been told that such services will be charged through insurance before he/she enters the facility, then they may be adding a very unnecessary extra charge to their insurance.

Choose the Right Sober Living

Individuals should go to sober livings which is a safe environment for them to recover from their addiction and study various things in life before they go back to their daily life. It doesn’t have to be seen as a place in which relapse means failure and all residents are a dollar sign. You should endeavor to do make your findings and choose a sober living environment which will suit you or a loved one.

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