What is Smoked on Tinfoil?..

You may be asking yourself what is smoked on tinfoil…  A big utilization of tin foil is rampant in the world of hard drugs. Some of them are smoked on tin

What is Smoked on Tinfoil
foil.Some amphetamines evaporate when enough heat is applied, and the effectiveness of the substances is degraded or destroyed. When amphetamines are heated and smoked on tinfoil, they decompose into an oily consistency, and by heating them on tinfoil, the substance can move around and keep from burning up, retaining its liquid form.

While the substance remains solid and emits a smoke vapor, its motion leaves long dark streaks on the tin foil. Some smokers are adept to use this opportunity to see what sorts of designs they can create on the foil. The gliding action of the solid on the tinfoil is ultimately the same as skates on ice. Some addicts cannot afford smoking paraphernalia, so they use tinfoil in this manner to “cook” the substances. Some like it more because tinfoil is easy to discard after use, and leaves no evidence.

Using the dull side of the tinfoil further reduces any of the burnt tinfoil particles from contaminating the vapor steam. A lot of homemade smoking paraphernalia is made of tinfoil, aluminum cans, or even the use of plastic bottles. The substance being heated is placed on a piece of tin foil while the flame heats from underneath.

Some people have been told that drugs like weed are cooked and smoked in this manner as well. This is not the case. Weed is smoked using totally different means and typically leaves behind ash when it has been burnt up. A “freebaser” uses harder drugs, and after starting out with smoking, as the body adjusts, the euphoria wears down, tne the addicts graduate to injecting the cooked substances into themselves.

Finding a burnt spoon or a needle is a clear indication that someone is dealing with an amphetamine addiction. This is a far more advanced stage than that of someone freebase heating substances on tinfoil.

Paying attention to signs of things described is one of the only ways to quickly identify someone struggling with addiction and to work on getting them help before the addiction takes an irreversible toll on the health or life of a loved one. Parents and significant others should always be on the lookout for signs of drug addictions so that they can act with urgency.

Some other signs to look for. Amphetamines come in multiple forms, but one of the most common ones is ADHD medications and painkillers like Oxycontin and Percocet. If tin foil is found and the streaks left a clean dark trail, it is likely crystal meth (crack). A chunky black trail is indicative of heroin (morphine) and a white dusty trail is a sign of bath salts. Designer amphetamines leave yellow, red or green trails. The tin foil will not itself burn up as it has a melting point of 1000 degrees F, so it is not itself possible to melt or vaporize.

What else is smoked on tinfoil?

  • Heroin is commonly smoked on tinfoil
  • Weed can also be smoked on tinfoil
  • Crack cocaine pipes can be crafted allowing cocaine to be smoked on tinfoil.

If you are a concerned parent and you suspect that your child may be smoking drugs on tinfoil, it is possible that they may be into smoking hard drugs on tinfoil.  We encourage you to contact us at Thrive Treatment so you can speak to one of our qualified staff members you can answer any questions and provide you with guidance on how to best get help for your loved one.

We will help you get to the bottom of what is being smoked on tinfoil in your household.


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